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Unlimited Texting

On my phone now I have unlimited cross Canada phone service, But only 50 minutes of texting, On your pamphlet it says unlimited texting, With tax I pay $61.25 so why don't I have unlimited texting texting like it says in your pamphlet ?????

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Because you have an old plan. All the plans since approximately Q2/Q3 of 2012 have unlimited texting in them. You can change your plan for free in Self Serve.
I wish I knew how
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Hi Terry, Changing your plan on Self-Serve is super easy. First you'll need to log in at http://koo.do/1tIs7pK. (If you haven't already, you can register via the "register now" link to the right.) Then click on the "Plans and Add-ons" tab and you can change your plan. If you need help walking through the process, you can give us a call at 611 from your Koodo phone. A rep will gladly guide you through the steps, free of charge. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.