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Unlimited text and picture messaging is not the bargain they advertised it to be.

Why is there the option for a picture+text message add-on available for non data plans if you can't use the text message feature without data? I am new to Koodo (ten days in, to be exact), and I signed up for a plan, but chose not to have data, because I have wifi access at home, and at work. If I can download apps on my phone, why pay for data? Only, when I attempt to send and receive picture messages (because my addon allows for unlimited text and picture messaging), I get errors. So I called in, and low and behold, I must purchase data in order to use this feature, that I am already paying for, and they have offered for those who don't have data access. The service agent reassured me that I could pay per message (a whopping .60 cents each!) or purchase a data plan, for an additional $25 more than my plan is now. I switched because a friend recommended this company to me, over my previous carrier, but I am beginning to wonder whether this provider offers the "bargain" it claims to. I may have a cheap plan, but the features I'm paying for can't be accessed unless I pay more. I don't like that one bit. Sorry Koodo, I might not be staying long.

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Hi Keshia, I hope I can shed some light on this for you. Sending text messages can be done without data being turned on but sending and receiving picture messages requires enabled data. When you turn your data off, picture messaging won't work. If you have a HSPA Blackberry, RIM has built these phones to only have data enabled when a Blackberry data add-on is added to your account. Which phone do you have?
I had an CDMA Phone with Koodo, an LG Banter, and it is getting older now, and not very reliable. I have been with Koodo for several years now and I too am very upset because of taking this plan away for those that must now buy HSPA phones in order to make more money off of us. My aunt just gave me an unlocked iPhone and after calling Koodo they told me that because I didn't buy the phone from them that I couldn't send picture texts. Three times I called and they all said the same thing. Then I called technical support and they said sorry about that and emailed me a koodo mobile script for my iPhone that would allow me to use data but I would have to spend an extra $5 per month but even though I am paying for unlimited picture/texting, it is not really unlimited picture texting. So, I too am thinking of leaving Koodo because of the same reason you mentioned. Looks to me as if Koodo no longer sells a CDMA phone that can handle the unlimited international text and picture text messaging. All they sell now are HSPA phones but yet they still sell the unlimited text & picture text plan but on top of that you also must buy a data plan. None of the reps I spoke to on the phone knew if the picture texts were charged as an additional fee and if they used up my data. Well, if they do, then that is not picture texting, is it? At least when Fido and others say unlimited picture texting it is truly unlimited picture texting. I have been speaking to a lot of my friends and they feel this is very twisted too. I'm now talking to Fido, Virgin and Wind about porting my number.
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I had an CDMA Phone with Koodo, an LG Banter, and it is getting older now, and not very reliable....I don't know who you were talking to but if the reps did tell you to "buy" data, i hope they will be fired. Presumably that would make you happy too. You just need to have data turned on your phone you don't actually need to buy anything. Works perfectly and it is indeed unlimited picture messaging.
I had an CDMA Phone with Koodo, an LG Banter, and it is getting older now, and not very reliable....Thank you for your reply, however, I would never want anyone fired. However, I was told by the technical person that send me the script that I would be charged a pay per use for sending picture texts at $3 per MB. Have you been doing this for more than a month without having to pay extra? Thanks again.