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Unlimited plans outside of major cities

I love my Koodo service but living outside a major city as most Canadians do, I don't have any unlimited plans (unlimited talk text an data) available to me. Also, as a student I would greatly appreciate it if the price of such plans could be made more affordable like the city unlimited plans tend to be in a major city.

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Yes you do have access to the unlimited airtime plans. Log into your Self Serve account and switch to one of them. Koodo does NOT have unlimited data however.
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I'm with you, Shimshon, I too live in a rural area in BC and always miss out on the goodies too... can't have Wind etc. Even our home internet is at 1.5 Mbps... it's rare that we go through a Netflix movie without a few "buffering" moments and VOIP calling is choppy at best - but I digress 🙂 However as Marcus said, we can get unlimited text and calling. Also, I'm very pleased that Koodo does not offer special perks to city dwellers, what they pay, we pay too 😃
Yeah, it's mostly the data I'm complaining about, I want a full unlimited plan out here, I'm happy with the unlimited text and voice options available but would enjoy data as part of that like is available in any other major city.