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I believe that Koodo should introduce an unlimited talk and data package for its users. You should also do so at a competitive price to Wind Mobile. As Koodo has better coverage and not limited by zones you would have a competitive advantage. I believe the Canadian market is in need of this type of plan. When you compare our rates to what is equivalent in the US we pay an incredible amount more. I think if you had an unlimited package at $50 you would be unbeatable!

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Now don't get me wrong with what I'm about to say. I'd love to see Koodo implement unlimited data into their plans or even have it as an available feature. They could choose to have unlimited data but the issue of it all is that if it was available we would pay a lot for it. Wind isn't really considered a competitor to Koodo simply because of coverage, you may pay less a month for service but it's only available in major cities farther West (at least from where I live) and pay for roaming outside those areas. I'd rather pay a bit more for service I can get just about everywhere and not worry about paying extra when I travel. Unless we start seeing more competition in Canada that offers a suitable coverage map and has plans at a decent price, we're more than likely not going to see a change anytime soon sadly. As far as unlimited anytime minutes, you can add that to a plan that doesn't have unlimited minutes for $20/month (see below). https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html Just my two cents.
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Canada has indeed been spoiled by the strong coverage maps here with most companies. A lot of times when you compare to US pricing, your comparing to companies with similar coverage as what Wind offers here. There are a lot more regional carriers down there, and when you compare to the big carriers with national coverage in the US, the pricing starts getting pretty similar to here, especially if you factor in the conversion rate of the dollar.