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Unlimited Internet Radio Data (like T-Mobile)

So, I know the idea of unlimited data is highly unlikely, but I propose another alternative. I saw this article about T-Mobile in the states: http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/18/t-mobile-stops-counting-data-used-with-spotify-pandora-itunes-radio-and-certain-other-music-services/ and I'm thinking, why can't Koodo do this? Spotify is in Canada now, and you can,with a VPN, get Pandora too... Can this be an option, or at least talked about? Basically, regular plans, but like pay 5 bucks more a month for unlimited access to internet radio services? These services require a data plan to function, but current plans just don't match the need created by these services, Koodo could really set the trend by allowing this idea. Where I am country radio is limited, and my wife hates it, so when driving alone is my only real chance to listen, not having a station makes internet radio my only option.

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Sirius radio is another option for listening to your choice of genre while on the road.
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Not exactly an answer to your request, but I found that if you REALLY have to use data to listen in Internet Radio, AccuRadio is the best compromise between quality and bandwidth...3-4x less b/w than Pandora or TuneIn, around 20Megs/hr. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.slipstream.accuradio&hl=en They have a Country channel (or more).