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Unlimited Incoming Calls add-on

I have the $30 plan that includes 100 canada wide calling minutes, that is currently being advertised on the website. If I buy the unlimited incoming calls feature will I be charged long distance when my family calls me from Toronto while I am in Oshawa? My phone number is an Oshawa number starting with 289-657-xxxx I don't know if this plan is considered a canada wide plan(?).

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I have unlimited incoming calls add-on and my daughter calls from kitchener to cobourg (me) with no extra charges. I have an older $30 plan with 200 min.
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Your Plan $30 for 100 anytime minutes and 100 MB + $10 unlimited incoming calls add-on = $40/mo

They have $40 plan for Unlimited Canada-wide anytime minutes, no data( $5/100 MB Pay-per-use data)
Or $40 plan for 500 Canada-wide anytime minutes and 500 MB

I don't know how much phone call you usually receive, but receiving phone call doesn't cost you long distance charge.  Also, if you make/receive calls during unlimited eves and weekends, it doesn't use your minutes.

I just wanted mention you you have some options/choice depends on your needs 🙂
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All pf Koodo's new postpaid plans are Canada Wide. You are correct in saying that you will not incur extra charges with this add on for the call specified.
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I receive more than I make. I keep the 200 min for my calling needs