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Unlimited incoming calls !!

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I saw so many threads, existing users / loyal customers not getting benifits / perks. So I thought of this idea, may be some of you agree with this. Koodo should offer "unlimited incoming calls" to loyal / existing customers who are with koodo for atleast 24 months. I think it's a good benefit for less expense to koodo. What do you say?

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I'm all for it but I don't think it's very realistic 😉 Koodo's plans are already quite competitive and they won't be giving away something that you can add to your plan for a fee. What you're asking for is basically "retention" and from what I understand, Koodo is one of the few that won't offer that...
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Not realistic and for 24 months is too short to get any loyalty benefit. Loyalty benefits should be in time with a contract from the major 3 l, so 3 years. You make it a year and 80% or more of ppl would get that. Loyalty is a time based thing not an average user thing.
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Yeah, I'm with rest of you on this one......those loyalty "perks" cost us all at the end because they would probably have to raise prices.
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Chris Petersens wrote:

Yeah, I'm with rest of you on this one......those loyalty "perks" cost us all at the end because ...

definitely they would have to raise prices, I don't get why ppl think they should get more and more all the time. look at Koodo giving away stuff constantly changing but they do it right alot of the time and make you work for it like becoming a mobile master or this new monthly Contest. Koodo is great and I don't see any other company doing these types of things on a regular bases if at all. You get perks just not given to you for no good reason which seems to be what ppl all want and it's terrible.