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I don't want to worry about things anymore. I want to use my phone. Canadians are smart enough to get the low overhead costs of providing these services coast-to-coast based on your network. (I get that you have staff to pay). I want to pay for a plan where I just use my phone and don't worry. In Vancouver calling PEI? Who cares! In Calgary calling Calgary? Who cares. We should be well beyond this point by now, except we are dealing with a collusive monopoly. Koodo/Telus should take the first step towards lowering prices to meet global standards.

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But... Koodo already has unlimited calling across Canada for $50 and it includes unlimited SMS and MMS.
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And if you want unlimited data you won't get it unless those who do offer it expand their coverage massively to the point that Koodo and other companies have no choice but to offer such a thing.
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If you go with the $60 data plan you also get 1GB of data, which is a fair bit. The overage rate is pretty good too ($10 per extra GB). If you were on WIND, Public, etc. Yeah it sounds awesome to have UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for a good price but the calling area is much smaller, wall penetration isn't as good, and the data speeds are much slower than the HSPA/H+ networks on the major carriers. Plus it's throttled after 5GB of use. What good is your UNLIMTIED phone if your calling area and data are actually much more limited than they claim to be? I don't understand people needing unlimited calling 24/7. Yeah sure it's a great plan to have but how many minutes do you actually use on your phone right now? I know some people actually need it for business purposes or as a home phone replacement (me) but even as a cellular retailer I don't talk on my phone a lot! I just want Canada-wide so I don't get dinged for LD. I'm more of a Text + Data user.
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Jonathan I wrote:

If you go with the $60 data plan you also get 1GB of data, which is a fair bit. The overage rate ...

My wife and I used 1986 minutes last month. Thankful for unlimited calling.
Let's be realistic as well, Koodo is a good bang for our buck cell phone company wise, but overall Canadians we get raped by our cell phone plan, for unlimited everything in the states it's half of what I pay a month to Koodo, that's a joke. So like overall we the cell phone consumer need to start complaining about the overall trend of the market, not just each company.
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In The states i use StraightTalk i pay 45$ per month for "Unlimited" Everything but surprise, after you meet some imaginary threshold of data you're throttled to below EDGE speeds. You can't exceede 100mb a day and not get throtted. So it's actually 2gb a month. So it's all a joke. There is no unlimited data anywhere anymore and with the way consumers are using more and more data, expect the price to rise too. Koodo had the double minutes / data promo till April 1st, that was a great value. Let's hope they continue to innovate.