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Unlimited Data

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With Telus I find myself spending 200 a month due to going over my data limit. If Wind Mobile can do unlimited everything for only 39 dollars a month you guys can certainly do it. Telecommunications companies have a bad tendency to sit on their networking infrastructure, to rarely upgrade, to rarely innovative, and to hike up rates because options are limited for consumers.

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Well, Public also though they could, so did Mobilicity. One was already sold the other is bankrupt and Wind's Rusiian backers said no more money to you. So, no one yet showed they can do unlimited data in this country and survive. 🙂 It's a pretty huge country with very few people so the infrastructure cost are signifcantly higher than say in tiny European countries with lots of folks living there. Also, unlimited data on your phone would mean no more need for ISPs since I could just use my phone as a hotspot. That's likely another reason amongst the many phone companies don't want to rush into this. Just my 2 cents.