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Unlimited data

Will you offer at any time in the future a "unlimited" internet plan with tethering?

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I can't speak for Koodo, but I highly doubt it... it seems most carriers are moving away from unlimited data, rather than offering it. Still, I don't have a crystal ball so don't take my word for it 🙂
I doubt they will ever offer unlimited data. the closest I've seen is the promo plan that I'm on which offers 6 gb. the best service for unlimited data is wind. public sucks and mobilcity it's ok but it's expanding slower than wind.
If you're looking for unlimited data at Koodo or any GSM carrier, you probably won't find it. Wind and Mobilicity are your best bet if you're in need of unlimited data.
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Eventually when Wind expands to cover a certain amount of Canada then I'm sure Koodo and all the carriers will have to offer unlimited data. This is still a long ways away & is dependent on how fast and how much Wind expands their service areas. I see your from Utopia man, that where I grew up. Good to see someone close to me on here finally. I'm living in Angus now with my wife but I sure do miss living in Utopia where you don't have neighbors to really deal with lol.