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I have an old koodo phone im looking into going back to and getting rid of my Iphone! Can you tell me your talk an text plans pls, before I was on unlimited talk & txt Canada wide, do you still have that? thank you

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Hi Laura, Check for yourself, Koodo has a neat page that lays out all their plans 🙂 https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html All Koodo's plans have unlimited texting and they are all Canada wide, so it looks like the $64 plan will cater to your desire for unlimited talk! They don't call it Talk & Text plans any longer, and that plan offers some data but you definitely don't have to use it. How old is your Kood phone? Does it take a SIM card?
Thank you for getting back to me! $64 is to much I only pay $50 for my IPhone. The koodo phone is about 2 maybe 3 yrs old now but still in great shape (yes it has a sim card) and I only paid $40 Canada wide calling/txt, back then. I guess things change, I just don't use my phone that much and I was looking for something cheaper!
i only paid $50 but i upgraded my phone and its now $64 for canada wide unlimited i do use my phone a lot so i just paid it i also get free international texting i text the UK a lot so what do u do really
Do you have your iPhone with Koodo? Just wondering because you didn't mention it. If so you and you're happy with that plan you can keep it just get a new SIM to fit your old phone.
my new iphone is with koodoo so i now pay $64 + $3 for my international calls we have family the other side of canada its a big family so everyday we speak to someone and i ring my friends so i really get my money worth the reason i upgraded my old phone had a crack on the screen and the phone started to play up a bit