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Unlimited Calling?

Ok, so my plan is the 500 MB data/500 anytime minutes and I am frustrated because it seems I keep going over my minutes and getting charged for calls. So I want to change my plan so that I have unlimited minutes and don't have to worry about when I'm calling people. But as I look through the plans online, the "unlimited" plans don't actually seem unlimited. For $60/ month I can get 1 gb of data and "unlimited" calling but the plan doesn't actually seem to offer me much different (I actually lose unlimited local family calling if I go with that one). My plan now is $44/month. So why are these plans called "unlimited" if you are still roped in to calling at certain times? And why does my plan (at 500 min of calling) still offer the unlimited services that the other ones offer. I am confused!

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Hi Rachel, If you opt for the "LIGHTWEIGHT CANADA-WIDE" $60 plan, you would get unlimited Canada-wide calling (you wouldn't need unlimited local family calling since as long as you are in Canada, you can call any Canadian number and not have to worry about getting charged for this). Hope this helps!
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Hi Rachel, When it comes to the plans that have the unlimited calling feature. It truly is unlimited calling across Canada. The $60 plan includes unlimited anytime minutes (no need for nights and weekends like your current plan), unlimited text and picture messaging, and 1 GB of data. So the only thing your old plan that would be considered 'unlimited' is the nights and weekends starting at 5 pm, and the unlimited text and picture messaging, so those would be the only way to compare it to the $60 plan. Otherwise the $60 plan is a better offering especially for calling and data purposes. Hope that helps
Thank you to both of you! That definitely helps 😉
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Super. Always happy to help 🙂
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No problem at all, have a good day! 🙂