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Unlimited Airtime Minutes

I currently have the Canada Wide Promo plan which has 150 free airtime minutes and am consistently going over that time and getting penalized. Is there a plan with unlimited airtime minutes which I could switch to?

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yes $50 unlimited talk/text plan or you can choose the $60 PP that has unlimited airtime and 1GB of data. I hope this helps! Call customer service and let them credit u back the cost difference of the upgrade since your upping your price plan.
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Yes. The $50 Canada Wide Talk & Text plan; the $60 & $75 Canada Wide Data plans all have unlimited minutes. However depending on how many minutes you are going over some of the lesser expensive plans may work for you too. Check them out here: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html Once you see the plan you like you can change your plan on Self Serve