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Unable to text from Mexico

I added the text mexico plan to my samsung 4s but have been unable to send or receive texts. Also, i have my mobile data and my data roaming turned off and my phone still shows "roaming" . I am on wifi at starbucks and am able to get my emails. Should i leave my phone on flight mode? Help! Im totally confused. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hey Susan! What you need to do in order to get your phone working properly in Mexico is log into self-serve, go to change add-ons, and add the following two add-ons: International Voice Roaming International Data Roaming They're free add-ons but they're required in order for your phone to work in Mexico, regardless if you have a roaming package. Don't worry about actually using data, as long as it's disabled on your phone, no data usage will be incured. Cheers! Enjoy your vacation! 🙂
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Also in flight mode you will be unable to send or receive text messages. Just leave your data and data roaming off and turn flight mode off. Flight mode turns off all the radios in your device and SMS requires a cellular network connection.