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Unable to switch to the new Koodo plans.

Do I have to upgrade to a new phone in order to switch to one of the new Koodo plans? My current phone is paid off and I have a positive Tab balance. When I look at the phone plans at the bottom of the page it says, "Check out our new plans" and has a "Get started" button. But when I click the button it says, "Based on your profile, you are not eligible to complete this transaction. Potential reasons for this are: You have not been with Koodo for at least 3 months You have not yet paid off your first bill You are on the spending limit program" I have been with Koodo since 2009, my bills are payed off, and I am not on the spending limit program. Any idea why I can't change to the new cheaper plans?

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That's pretty strange.:/ Try calling *611 from your koodo phone and asking a representative, it should be free of charge since you already tried via self serve. 🙂
Thanks Dan, I'll give them a call.
I was told by 611 that we will have to buy a new phone to take advantage of the new plans. The fact that you can BYOD and sign up for these plans as a new user didn't seem to faze him. I called it a scam. He did not disagree.