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ultimate unlimited

$35.00 per month MONTHLY PLAN Unlimited Canada-wide Calling Unlimited Canada-wide Texting Unlimited Canada/US wide Picture/Video Messaging Unlimited Data http://www.windmobile.ca/plans-and-devices/plans

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Hi Anthony,this idea is for the big brainstorm contest right? While it would be awesome if this happened, Koodo doesn't really consider Wind mobile a competitor. Also Unlimited has been brought up a lot, the ideas most likely to be selected are original ideas. I don't work for koodo so don't take this post too seriously. Have a great day!
Although I completely agree with you, it would shake up the major cell companies into creating competitive plans again...
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And when you leave your Wind zone 15¢/min Canada/US-wide Calling 5¢/Text Canada/US -wide 25¢/Text Global Texting 5¢/MB Data This is Wind's achilles heal. And Robellus is Paris who shoots the arrow into the heal