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Turn long distance to long kisstance

On my wishlist for Koodo service is more incentive to call the Carribean more affordably. Currently the 2.00 fee per month allows me to call the Carribean for 1.00 per minute. Even with this rate it is far too costly for me to afford this on a monthly basis. Other cell phone competitors have a rate as low as .19 cents per minute. I do not want to switch my service provider, which of course is Koodo, so I then resorted to calling cards. I also rely on incoming calls from the Carribean in order to minimize costs for long distance. Since it is cheaper for them to call Canada, than me to call the Carribean, I asked myself "how can that be?" Why is it cheaper for them to call Canada, than me to call Carribean? Aren't they 3rd world? What my idea is for this dilemma I, and others have, is a better rate to call the Carribean, and or incentive (by way of reward for 'x' amount of long distance air minutes per month). This is my Koodo wish to be able to talk more affordably to the Carribean. Currently, if I pay the 2.00 fee to use long distance privilige it still costs 30.00 a month to talk 30 minutes, plus the 2.00 fee. This is too expensive for me. That is my Koodo wish, better rates to call Carribean and rewards for air usage. Perhaps increase the monthly fee slightly to faciltate a better rate for long distance calls made. Otherwise, whenever anyone talks smack to me about their cell phone providers, I feel kind of sorry for them and don't hesitate to tell them I am with Koodo and very happy with the service, I just wish I could call Carribean more often with Koodo. 9/10 ain't bad, 10/10 is perfect!

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