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Trying to purchase plan - credit card rejected

  • 27 September 2020
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I have tried twice to purchase a new plan using my American Express credit card.

I am currently a prepaid user but would like to take advantage of the $50 offer for 9GB data available to new monthly customers. I do not wish to keep the same number.

I input my credit card details and drivers license info and the credit check goes through fine.

It then asks me to if I want to pay using the same card… yes.

It says “something went wrong” and I reinput the credit card details.

The it says “something went wrong, your card was not charged, go to the store”

I don’t want to go to the store, but why will it accept my card for the credit check, but not for payment?

5 replies

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Find out what your credit limit is and see if you got too close or have exceeded your credit limit with your transaction. You may also be able to call AMEX and find out if they have rejected the charge, and if they did, why?  Good luck!

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I just remembered a recent similar case where koodo’s credit check resulted in a ‘spending limit’. If your transaction exceeded that ‘credit limit’ it may have been koodo who has rejected the transaction which was close to or exceeded your  koodo’s assigned ‘spending limit’

I am well within my credit limit on my card, I am frustrated because I don’t want to have multiple credit checks showing up on my credit history file, but how on earth am I supposed to get a phone without using my active credit card? Oh I suppose they want me to go to the store, and then it costs $40 more in service charges!!

I will have to go elsewhere.

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Koodo conducts a credit check and defines your allowable ‘spending limit’ which may be lower than your AMEX credit limit. Ask for a callback, present your issue and hopefully find the source of the problem and a solution to your issue.

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What happens if you use a different credit card?  Are you buying a phone on tab as well?


Does your credit card’s billing address match the address that you are creating for the account?