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Trouble changing my plan in Self Serve

I have five phones on my account.

All the tabs are paid.  Zero balances.

We’ve been with Koodo for years.

About a week and a half ago, I switched 4 of the 5 plans because the plans were offering more Gigs for the same $.    I’ve been trying for the last 9 days to switch the final phone plan but always get an “oh sorry, something went wrong.  Try again” message.   

Our plans reset tomorrow and I’ll try again but I’m not understanding why this change won’t take.

Any insights would be helpful.    Thanks in advance.


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I would suggest you try again during day time and see if it works. Sometimes, their system had maintenance at night.
If that doesn’t work, you have to contact them directly and ask a rep to assist. Mention about the self-serve issue so they won’t charge you a service fee for helping you.

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Has there been a plan change on this final line recently? 

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@Warsaw Let us know if passing your bill cycle still didn’t help and we’ll make the plan change for you. I’m not sure why the last line is giving you trouble to be honest. :-(