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I am going to Bolivia next week. I have been told if I pay to have my phone unlocked and buy a sim card while I am there I can text my friends and family. My question is....can my family text back without paying a fee?

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Hi Julia, From what you are describing (unlocking your phone and then using a local Bolivia SIM card), Koodo won't be involved at all. You'll be getting a local prepaid number I would imagine, and texting will involve only the country itself. As long as you leave your Koodo SIM out of your phone, there won't be any unexpected cost 🙂 Make sure you share your temporary Bolivian number with your family and friends in Canada, since you won't get any notifications on your Canadian number!
So you are saying I would not be able to text anyone outside of Bolivia? if that is the case I may just take it and only use it to check email (in wifi areas) I don't use data and for taking pictures.
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Julia: What Sophia is basically saying is if you do this, you'll have a Bolivian number when you are there. Basically your Canadian number will essentially behave like your phone is off when the sim card isn't in it (calls will go right to voicemail, texts to that number won't be delivered, etc). Your family and friends would be able to text you, but they would have to text the Bolivian number, and if they don't have plans that include international texting they would also have to pay an extra fee.
Ok Thanks Jordan 🙂
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Or what you could do (to avoid your family in Canada needing to have international TXT'ing included) you can use an App like TextPlus when in Bolivia. It's what I use when I travel outside of North America. It will require you to either have a package with data in Bolivia or a Wi-Fi connection though as it uses data.
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I would even look at an app called WHATSAPP. The person on the other end also needs it and it uses data. It also works over WiFi so there would be no data usage.