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traveling across Canada

If I have a Canada Wide plan, does that mean that I can also call a number of someone I am traveling with? Also can I receive incoming calls with this plan? AND do I need 5 essentials or no?

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1. Canada-wide means no long distance or roaming charges in Canada (airtime still applies if you don't have Unlimited airtime or evenings/weekends). If you call any phone # outside Canada or leave Canada and use the phone, then you'll be charged extra.
2. You can receive incoming calls from anywhere in the world as long as you're in Canada. Airtime may still apply. Check your plan on Self Serve for details.
3. 5 essentials gives you Unlimited calling to any 5 Canadian telephone #s regardless of time or day excluding your voicemail, 1-800, and toll free #s.
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Canada-Wide plans are truely Canada-wide. So, for you at least, the person you're travelling with is fair game for calling. (Assuming their number is Canadian) You can receive calls for sure, whether you have unlimited incoming calls or not depends on your plan and add-ons. Five Essentials might actually be superfluous unless you're a heavy talker with a few specific numbers and have a low minutes plan. The long distance feature doesn't matter with Canada-Wide.