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Hi! I am travelling to the UK next week; the hotel I'll be staying at has free wifi.  Do I still need to get an international travel add-on?  Will this help me avoid roaming charges?  Thanks!

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If you truly feel you will not need to use your phone for calls or texts, and can manage all your day to day needs over Wi-Fi, you can leave your phone on Airplane Mode and just turn on Wi-Fi.  If you feel you might need a phone to call in an emergency, you can simply add the free “International Voice Roaming" and / or the free “International Data Roaming” add on.  Buying any of the Travel Add-ons only nets you a savings on your roaming fees, it does not change anything about the ability of the phone to roam. Without the Voice / Text / Data Add-on, you can still roam at pay-per-use prices. Have a look at this thread for some additional info. 

I have often travelled without a plan, and survived with expenses of about $2.00 for the few SMS I send, and about $10 or less in calls.
This is very helpful! Thank you so much David 🙂