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Transfering plan from phone to another

If I have a phone that is on 3 year plan that is like $25/month which is on a Galaxy Ace and want to transfer that plan to an IPhone 4s that is already paid for, would I be able to?

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None of Koodo's phone have a contract except for the Iphone5(and even that is now gone). You can change it over though. You just need to enter in the Koodo sim card that is in your Iphone 4s(as long as that Iphone is a Koodo Iphone or an unlocked phone).
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Yes. sign into self serve click on the mobile phone tab. click on change phone say you have a new sim card for your current phone. enter number of micro sim card keep clicking confirm until it says the change is complete. insert micro sim in iphone. power on iphone. go to settings->general->cellular and make sure enable 3G is set to on. use iphone.