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Top-up voucher code doesn't work.

Hi, I'm a prepaid user. I bought my top up voucher code on last Friday, and it was $55 plan. So, I got two code for put in, and I went into my koodo account and selected that $55 plan to change (my regular plan was $15) and put my both code in. And it didn't work, so I checked that again, and I put my second code wrong, so I changed. (If you used prepaid before, you know they give two codes for $55 plan customer, cuz one code is $50 and the other code is $5.) And it didn't work again!? Then, I checked my account, and they said, my current balance is $35!!! It means that they just took my $50 voucher code! And I got my $15 plan again which I didn't want it!! And I try just top up my $5 code for put in my account, it still doesn't work. What should I do?

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Unfortunately you need to change your base plan prior to topping up or else your current base plan with auto-renew.

In this case, you will need contact Koodo to see if they can correct this for you.
You can call them on your kodoo phone (*611, it's a free call but a long wait) or you can send them a private message via facebook or twitter (it may take a couple of days for a reply, but you wont need to stay on hold)