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To purchase a new Nexus 4 without Tab

Hi I want to purchase a phone for my sister in Canada is there any way I can buy with my credit card online because I am living in New Zealand. I am happy to contact your customer care and purchase over phone or can send my sister to one of your store in Toronto and provide my credit card details to her so that we can make this transaction. As she is leaving to Oshawa I want to get this sorted ASAP. Thanks Naga

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Hi Naga, I'm not too sure if you can use your New Zealand credit card, but you could certainly try! Here is the link to purchase the Nexus 4 online: https://shop.koodomobile.com/prepaid/android/nexus-4-16gb/prodKHLGNEXUS4BKPREPAID.html Let's hope all goes well with the order and that you can have it shipped to your sister in Toronto 😃 PS Don't think (pretty sure of it) your sister can use your credit card number in the store without you present... that could invite no end of fraud cases!
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Personally ally I don't think it will work as shipping address might have to be the same as the billing info as a fraud prevention. Only thing to do is try though like Sophia said but if you can't that is the reason. Koodo does have places to purchase phones in Oshawa so don't worry if you don't get it done before she moves, if the different in credit card and delivery/pickup addresses are not an issue which I think they are. Why don't you just wire your sister the money through your bank and she can take the money from her bank and go buy the phone
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Would buying it from Google directly allow an international credit card and a different shipping address?
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You could always wire transfer the money to your sister and with the money, she'd they be able to buy her phone at the Koodo booth.... Well, that's what I'd do anyway 🙂