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to expensive prlze for data in the koodo plas

why koodo has become so misserable with the data plans and tab prizes? koodo just to be very good with the data and celk phones plans before, but now is totally different story, change please, that policy is wrong even the tab option is ridiculous expensive

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I agree. But I think it is the industry as a whole that took a dive when the CRTC eliminated 2 year contracts
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I would argue that the reason the Tab amounts got soo much higher is because people want more and more expensive phones, for less and less money. If carriers didnt have to subsidize devices im sure the landscape for plans would look very different. But most people dont want to go out and pay 700+ for a cell phone.
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One of the the reasons data rates are so high is because of the increased demand for data. You'd be hard pressed to name a smartphone that doesn't use data these days. People want the latest in technology coupled with information on the go, which essentially creates a demand for data. Some providers play on this and feel it necessary to create a sense of scarcity by offering the least amount of data for sale. We've already seen this company offer a 6GB promotional plan awhile back, so it's not like they can't offer higher data allotments. My thinking is that Telus may have a hand in regulating how much data their subsidiary is allowed to sell. Device subsidies need to be eliminated altogether. Wireless providers supposedly claim they make little to no return on subsidized devices, both before and since the inception of the two year cutoff for contracts. Hard to believe, but if that's truly the case, then it's no small wonder that providers will continue to increase rate plans to recover lost revenue.
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I think part of the problem is also customer perception. Taking price out of things, Koodo actually offers some pretty good sizes for data....for the average user. Now part of the problem is that the majority of the people who are frequently on the forum don't usually fall under average user (more on this one later). "Most" People out there are fine with between 500mb-3gb of data on their phone through normal usage. But even if they should only be picking up a plan with 500mb, they see bigger plans and want the bigger plan. Im sure if you did the math, most people picking big 6gb or unlimited plans could be saving money on a smaller plan. But people want to be able to brag to their friends about the amazing deal they got on an unlimited plan, not try and justify to their friends why they were frugal and picked a plan that's smaller but fits their needs. And then you go to the non average users, which I usually fall under. A lot of people on these forums know more of the ins and outs of their phones, and do a lot more with them. Usually the thing that kills even the 3gb Koodo plan is streaming. I do a lot with my phone. Im on Facebook, Instagram, other forums, the odd youtube video....but once I started streaming music a lot I started to murder my data plan. And I think this is happening more and is the one thing where Koodo is missing out. More people are streaming music or video while taking transit to school, work, back home, and this is where the data plans become too small/too expensive. I honestly think if device subsidies were eliminated, pricing would come down to appropriate levels. But I also don't think subsidies will ever go away, cause companies like Apple and Samsung wouldn't be able to sell nearly as many $800 phones. People want to pay nothing for as much as they can get, so because of that the costs in other places go up. And wow that turned into a small essay quickly.