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The plans have had a lot of changes, will we ever see, some of the old plans back?

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You never know. However the trend seems to be in the reverse direction
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I doubt we will see any old plans back.. But it would be nice to have the "double promo" back 😉
Plans keep getting worse and worse. Just like Koodo
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I don't think Koodo is feeling the need to be competitive. Maybe if Wind launches increased nationwide coverage with reliable signal we'll see some good plans again but I don't see that as likely.
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I think Koodo has great customer service, they may surprise us with the plans this summer! We'll see!
They already did... They doubled their prices from $15.00 for the cheapest plan with the DATA saver option to $29.00 with no DATA. Want more surprises like that?
I don't normally get worked up or pee'd off about much, but the fact that the Federal Government spent over 9 million in tax payer dollars last fall in their "Wireless Competition Ads" did absolutely nothing to retract wireless rates here. Fact is it did the exact opposite!! I am royally pee'd off at all the carriers in Canada for their obvious gouging of customers!!!