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Well im in LOVE with all of the offers that koodo lets you add onto or take away from your plan. I just have one problem, Im a student so i call people all the time on the weekends and not as much during the week. Maybe by giving free weekends and a limited amount of hours during the week would work for us! Also I would love to get caller ID and voice mail together, so maybe by putting these two together and giving people a deal would work in both cases!

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Unlimited call at X time and weekends, voice mail and caller ID are included in all of Koodo plans currently.
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Aww Enya, I'm sorry you missed the plan Koodo offered a few months ago: it gave 25 minutes + unlimited weekend calling for $20. Let's hope that plan makes it back for you 🙂 Meanwhile, the current $25 offer is probably the plan for you: unlimited 7pm/weekend calling plus 200 additional minutes! All new plans include voicemail and caller ID btw.
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Call display and voicemail are included in all plans now. Also if your plan has unlimited evenings/weekends then you can take advantage of it after 7, 6, or 5 (depending on your plan)... it would start to get complicated if Koodo offered unlimited weekends only. They actually tried it on the $20 Talk + Text with 25 weekday minutes and it didn't last very long.
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Hi Enya! All Koodo plans just include all of what you suggested including free Evening and Weekends plus vm/cd. you may have plans for only $25/200mn, $35/400mn and $50 for unlimited plan.