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Talk and Text Plan - Unlimited Incoming calls

Hi, Can someone please explain unlimited incoming calls in a talk and text plan. If I don't have this (i.e.if I only have the $25 plan which does not include unlimited incoming calls), does it mean that I pay a fee for every call received regardless of when it is received? Or do I just pay if it is received outside the "unlimited calling" hours evenings and weekends? How much do I pay per incoming call? Thanks.

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Hi Jane, The $25 Canada wide Talk and Text plan currently has 200 minutes and therefore you can talk for 200 minutes (billing per minute) during one billing cycle. If you go over these minutes you will be charged a rate of $0.45 a minute regardless of local or long distance calls. The times when you have unlimited calling on this plan is 7pm - 8am and every weekend 7pm friday - 8am monday, the time you spend talking on your phone during this time period will not deduct from your allotted minutes. The above information is assuming that you are in Canada, and are calling a Canadian number. There is additional costs if you are calling an international number or you are roaming on a network other than Koodo.
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Nice explanation Josh.. if like to add one more thing and that is that with the $25 plan, incoming and outgoing calls within Canada are treated exactly the same 🙂
Thanks to you both!