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Switching Monthly AppleCare Plan to one time fee

  • 3 January 2019
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I was essentially told to subscribe to the monthly applecare plan for my new phone recently and I want to change it to just pay the one time fee. I wanted to do so on the spot, but was told not to. How do I make that switch as I just got my phone a week ago. I'd rather pay $169 on the spot as opposed to ending up paying $9/month for 24 months because that's $50 dollars more than it costs. The digital assistant was useless and so were the reps at the wow mobile kiosk where I got my phone. I tried calling to get an appointment with a rep but that was nearly impossible. Is there another way to get this switch made?

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2 replies

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What do you mean you were told not to?

DO you have access to a Koodo kiosk that is not Wow?
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Strikes me you can go back to the location where you purchased the phone and get them to adjust it, or (with appropriate assessment) cancel the plan, and buy AppleCare outright from Apple. Final option would be to return the phone, and purchase it afresh, with AppleCare.