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Switch to Koodo from Telus Today

I plan to switch to Koodo from Telus. My daughter is a current Koodo customer and I wish to turn in my Backberry for an iPhone 5 16g. What bonuses are available today?

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Trade in value can only be determined at store level.

The iPhone 5 is discontinued. You can get the iPhone 5C in blue or white or the 5S in gold and black.

The best value would be taking it on Tab M, which is a -300 subsidy. It's $325 in store for the 5C and $425 for the 5S. You can take any plan, just + $5 Tab charge for 24 months.
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There is no bonus and never will be on Apple devices. Apple regulate the price so Koodo can't do much about it. If you want to buy an iPhone 5, you could look on Kijiji, Craiglist or lespac. because as Jonathan said, they are discontinued and I don't think Koodo still has them in stock!