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A lot of us Koodo users are mere students with no job who live away from our families in order to have a better future. Please make student plans (specifically for undergrads and post grads) which are cheaper so we can all afford to eat and enjoy our lives as students. For example, I have an unlimited Canada-wide plan only because my family is all over Canada and I need to stay in touch with them. My bill is pretty high and it's putting a strain on my finances. So please, make student plans for us poor, unemployed kids. Perhaps you can check our student cards to see if they're valid or not? Thanks.

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The $39 promo plan that was around a while ago was arguably the "student plan" even though it wasn't marketed as such... You say you need to stay in contact with your family all over Canada... but do you need the unlimited minutes? You could always drop down the the $40 Talk + Text and get away with making outgoing calls after 5/all weekend and abuse the unlimited incoming feature or start using VOIP services like Skype, Viber, etc. for free calls over WiFi. Another option is going on Koodo prepaid? The 500 Canada-wide minutes/$25 option is the best value for calling (comes out to $0.05/minute) and their boosters are nice because they don't expire until they're all used up. But if you call a lot or use a good chunk of data then prepaid isn't for you. I'm sorry to say there are no student plans anywhere right now. Rogers/Bell had a promo in August for students where they gave you $10 (originally only $5) off their "lite" data plans (only available on select phones) and double data on most of those plans but they still started at $45 (before discounts).
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My question for the OP: What stats do you have available that makes your statement true about a lot of Koodo customers being students with no jobs?
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Im not a student but Im not working so should I get a deal...... Um No and I wouldn't expect one as its a luxury and not a necessity. Koodos plans are already a great deal compared to other carriers so I dont see any need to make student plans, plans for the elderly, plans for the Military, plans for the unemployed, ect.