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Stress-free Roaming Plan for Data

Talk and text are pretty straightforward when it comes to roaming, say, in the U.S., which is the country we Canadians travel to the most. But data roaming is just stressful. Without a roaming plan, it's downright scary to even try to estimate how much data will cost. And [i]with a roaming plan, so little data is included that it ends up treated as a very scarce resource that requires constant monitoring and management. It is [i]stressful.

I suggest that Koodo should explore partnering with a Canadian startup like Roam Mobility to offer plentiful data roaming in the U.S. I know I'd pay more for such a travel add-on, especially if it means I don't need to use a different phone number in the U.S. (which using Roam alone requires).

(Note: I do currently use Roam, but I'd prefer to use Koodo when I travel. I want to keep my phone number. I want streamlined customer support. I sacrifice both of those because even though it's less convenient, Roam is less [i]stressful.)

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Hey Kim, thanks for the idea! Have you checked out our new and improved U.S. Roaming add-ons? They model Roam Mobility's cost certainty approach by offering unlimited texts, minutes, as well as much bigger data buckets! Check them out here: www.koodomobile.com/travelling
Yup, thanks Alex! I am aware of Koodo's new plans, and they're stressful. With Roam, for *less* than the 100MB 3-day plan, I can purchase essentially unlimited data (along with talk and text) for 6 days. I travel a lot for business, and my business requires a lot of social-media usage. Posting photos on apps like Instagram eats up traffic. Which makes 100MB over 3 days *stressful*. Especially because while traveling, I'm also more likely to use maps apps, and other data-heavy services. I'd like not to have data-usage on my mind when I travel. I'd like to not be constantly on the look-out for a wifi hotspot, or to spend half an hour wandering aimlessly because I'm concerned turning my data on to check a map will tax my limited allotment too much or too fast. Roaming data plans aren't keeping up with the way we use our phones. That's why I suggest that Koodo partner with a company that's moving faster. At the same time, Roam could seriously benefit from Koodo's customer-service infrastructure, because theirs is kind of terrible.