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Stop provincial only plans. Make them available across all provinces.

Koodo has done it yet again. Quebec gets special treatment with the latest $70 Tab L plan. Up from 500 MB to 3GB. If you can do $55 plan with 5 GB of data for Saskatchewan & Manitoba, you can do it for the rest of Canada. Come on Koodo, you used to be so friendly, but now you're just feeling like the other mobile providers. Eltabador has lost his edge. He needs to go back into training and get rid of that bill bulge that he was so dead set against. Of course, I don't expect Koodo to do this, because the almighty dollar is so much more important than offering competitive plans all across Canada. So much vinegar in these plans when you could be using honey, and you know what they say about vinegar and honey. Anyways, just my 2 cents.

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Hey Kane, it come down to competition at the regional level where some players are defending the...I understand that, but I don't get why the rest of the country has to suffer so brutally. Make it at least a reasonable discrepancy, like max $30 more for the same plan.
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Hey Kane, it come down to competition at the regional level where some players are defending their area against the less established ones in that market. That's the truth, but I know that it's probably not what you wanted to hear... 
I agree with this. Manitoba and Quebec get amazing deals, and us in Ontario get hosed. Don't fall into the pressure of having to "Match" the big three and their cheaper brands. Stand out in the marketplace and prove why you're the best!
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Doesn't affect me too much due to my employment, but I would love to be able to offer better plans to customers. There's really no reason for these ridiculous prices at this point...
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My 6GB plan still wins:) It will always win. Muahahaha I agree though. At least make the plans for the "normal" provinces priced a little better than they are now.... Like come on. If it wasn't highway robbery before, it sure is now