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Stolen phone - Can I apply for a duplicate SIM card?

  • 2 April 2014
  • 5 replies

My phone was stolen, can I get a duplicate SIM card with the same phone number and plan features?

5 replies

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yep, 10 on post paid or 20 on prepaid. After you get the sim, log into self serve>mobile phone>swap mobile phone> pick an option>activate sim and done. I'm sorry to hear someone stole your phone though. 😞 the moto g is a great deal if you don't want to spend a lot on a phone.
Oh, thank you for prompt reply and helpful hand.
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Oh, thank you for prompt reply and helpful hand.no problem 🙂
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Just for clarification, this isn't a "duplicate" SIM card - it will deactivate the old one.
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Just to add make sure you deactivate the phone that got stolen or the person could run up your bill and you will be stuck paying for whatever they do. Report it stolen so it makes the phone unusable on any carrier by the thief.