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still trying to log in to self help no luck please cancel my service going some place else

tried 3 times but self serve will not recoginize me cant pay my bill calvin

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We can absolutely do that Calvin! You do have to call in though. Please dial 611 from your phone.
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What do you mean exactly that self-serve will not recognize you? Did you make sure not to leave a space after you put down your email? Are you sure that you know your password? You can try to recover your password and see if resetting it will help. You do have other options to pay your bill. I know that it's not as convenient as self-serve but until it gets sorted then you don't get hit with issues for being late. You can make a payment dialing 611 and doing it through the automated prompts. You can do it via your bank. It's how I do it. If you go online to your bank site and add as a payee, all you need is your account number and you're good to go.

If you no matter what insist on leaving Koodo over this, I am sorry and you will have to call 611 to cancel. If you want to keep your number you'd have to talk to the carriere you want to switch to in order to keep your number.