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Stackable discounts for adding family members to account

I just switched over to Koodo this week. I debated between fido and koodo for weeks. The draw to fido was that if I brought family member onto my account, I would get an additional 10% off the second and third lines monthly plans. In the end, I did choose Koodo due to the coverage, but I haven't added the second line in yet. How about matching Fidos deal?

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I would love to see this too but so far they haven't made any moves regarding multi line discounts.
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This sounds awesome! You know what, it's okay for Koodo to not be a leader anymore but at least follow the good ideas of others
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Interesting, Fido doesn't advertise this anywhere. One reason maybe, that Rogers/Fido are getting beaten up financially and this offer is only if one threatens to leave? Do you have link?
When I went into the fido store, I was told about the second line stackable discount and I believe it may have been on their pamphlet. I don't see it on their website.
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A certain orange-bannered company offers $5 off your bill for each additional line.
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This was a idea I put on the community a while back, and the way I put it is that each line after the first line should go down in $5 increments. For example : First line $50 Second line: - $5 Third line: - $10, and so on. https://c.getsatisfaction.com/koodo/topics/have_an_incentive_for_adding_more_lines_to_your_account
I like that idea. It gets expensive when everyone in the family needs a cell!