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Split up minutes and data in plans

I came to Koodo because you could pick and choose the features you wanted and leave out what you didnt need. It seems koodo has lost what had made it great. If i wanted to sign up now and needed a GB of data, id have to pay for unlimited calling, messaging, vm, call display... what if i dont want all those extras? Id love to see minutes and data split up again. In my current plan i get 50 mins/month canada wide, VM, Call ID, unlimited texting for $30ish a month, and then the data saver add on which i can get up to 3gb data for another $30-35? a month. Find me a plan with 3gb of data for under $70/month.

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I agree, adding Data has become more expensive lately than it use to be. Hopefully Koodo addresses this in the not too distant future.
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Plans have become more expensive ever since the 2 year guarantee change. I don't really like it because I would rather have a cheaper plan and pay for another year/using the same phone.