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Spend more time for less in the US!

I spend a lot of my time in the US with my job. The current US roaming plan is desperately inadequate (perhaps aimed at weekend cross border shoppers). I propose a Unlimited incoming/outgoing text, 800 anytime anywhere minutes, and 2GB data. I would think that a monthly fee of 100-150 dollars would be fair. I am a long haul driver and need to stay in contact with family, friends, and dispatch. There are also several shippers and receivers I must contact while in the States. Nearly every driver I know has been forced to pick up a cell phone plan from a US provider. I myself am looking at Verizon Wireless because currently they offer the best plan for the money. If I could avoid having to send my dollars south of the border and have a good US plan with Koodo, I certainly would. I have constantly recommended Koodo to all my friends, with my proposal I would be recommending Koodo to all my driver friends.

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Why not just sign up with a US company? Your fellow driver, Chad Burr, who is a Mobile Master here, figured out the best for him, so hopefully he will chime in and give some advice. I know you are trying to keep your money with koodo, but at the end of the day you are likely going to be better off switching sims while you are down there. At least for the time being.
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OK so. Here's what I do. You will need: A free Google voice account with a usa phone number. An unlocked koodo phone, any sim card based phone besides BlackBerry prior to BlackBerry 10 Depending on your phone model, you'll need to go online and get either a straight talk AT&T or Straight Talk T-mobile sim card. Straight talk is 45$ a month unlimited everything (except international long distance but that's what Google voice is for) BUT I'll warn you now, straight Talk AT&T has vauge terms of service. I had my account suspended three times and I'm still not sure why (and neither were they).. the Sims can be found for about 20$ online. Or 56$ in store (walmart). You can top it off online or through walmart vouchers Alternatively (and what I now do) I use t mobile pay by the day 3$ a day only on the days you use the phone will get you unlimited nationwide talk/ usa text/ and 200mb of 4g data and unlimited 2g data. Each day! Activate your prepaid sim and grab the number DONT GIVE ANYONE THAT NUMBER In Google voice, set it up to forward calls to your gv number to your prepaid usa number. Only give people your gv number. This way you're free to switch us providers without having to tell everyone your new number Also set it up to email texts and voice mail to your email account, this way you can still get vm while you're in the Canada On your koodo voice mail, set up your absence greeting to give people who call you when you're in the states your usa number. I set mine not to accept incoming messages as well. You can use the google voice app with Android to always use Google voice to make calls. This way people you call will only see your Google voice number If you're using iPhone or BlackBerry 10, use the gv mobile app to dial tour numbers, after the call save the Google voice number under your contacts contact. Then you can direct dial sans app. You can also direct text that number. Here is the html Google voice app link. Save it as a shortcut: https://www.google.com/voice/m The Google voice app will convert long distance numbers to local numbers and call through the regular phone. It doesn't use data for the call (just to get the number) Very important: EXPLAIN TO YOUR WIFE WHY YOU HAVE TWO NUMBERS! You will inevitably call her by mistake from the wrong number. Tell her if she ever sees the alternate number that she should tell you so you can hang up and call her correctly. Keeps the wife from freaking out on you're having two usa numbers. When you hit the border, text the wife "switching sims" and switch sims, goto google voice and use the app to text her "switched". When she texts you back her gv number will show. Save it to contacts and now it's direct. Do the same when you come back to canada hit don't use the gv app, use the messaging app. Also if on Android, toggle Google voice so it's not used for any calls. Sim cards store quite nicely on top of the battery. I may have missed something, let me know of you have questions, Keep the shiny side up!