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I will be travelling in the us for the next 5 months want to use my phone only occasionally if we have a vechile break and some texting and sending photos which add will be right for us and not expensive

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Honestly, your best bet if you're traveling for 5 months would be to buy a Prepaid phone from Walmart in the US and use that instead. It will save you lots of money in the long run as USA minute add ons run for $45.00 for 30 days. 45.00 x 5 months = $225.00 + Your monthly bill cost. While you're gone, consider putting your Koodo account on a Seasonal Hold so you're not paying the full bill amount while you're not using the phone. To do this, give Koodo Customer Service a call by dialing *611 on your Koodo phone and talk to one of the over-the-phone representatives who can give you the low-down about Seasonal Holds. hope this helps!
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^ What he said OR Unlock your phone and go on prepaid in the US
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Tracfone.com Very cheap but customer service is on another non-English-speaking planet. They have some non-smart prepaid phones on sale at Family Dollar for as little as $5 this week. Phones only work in the USA (NO roaming at all). Voice calls to USA, Canada and Mexico not expensive --- you set up private 800 numbers for your frequent international calls --- and assign them speed dials. Minutes and service days can be bought separately so you can manage it so that nothing expires. But don't expect feature-laden phones and forget about bringing your own.
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BobTheElectrician wrote:

Tracfone.com Very cheap but customer service is on another non-English-speaking planet. They h...

Net10 (a tracfone service) offers. For 50$ a month you can byod (bring your own device) unlimited domestic talk/text 3gb data at high speed. Use Google voice to talk and text Canada using local numbers (gv converts them for you) Starter kits at USA Walmart cost 58$ but include the first months service. USE the AT&T sim for best coverage.