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Someone Stole My Phone Number

  • 18 September 2020
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Okay so a few hours ago I received a text message from Koodo @ 4800 with the following message: 

“Koodo: Heads-up! We just received a request to cancel a subscriber from your account and transfer the mobile phone number to another carrier. If you didn’t make this request, please call 1-844-232-7678 as soon as you can. If you requested the transfer, no action is needed. Free message from Koodo.”

I called the number and the CSR needed a pin number that I had forgotten since I never used it and eventually my phone lost its data connection and voice function. The person stole my number so he could attempt to access my paypal account, however the attempts were caught by both paypal and my bank so it seems like the attempt failed. Is there any way for me to recover my koodo subscription and phone number or will I have to make a new one? I have scheduled a call with a koodo CSR but it’s taking forever and I want to resolve this sooner rather than later

6 replies

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Please call 1-844-232-7678 back right away to get your port reversed.


Do not go through the regular Koodo CSR.  The porting team is the expert in this matter.

The porting team should be able to verify your account without without your PIN

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The callback may very well be your best option. You could also try sending a private message to Koodo via Facebook messenger or dm via Twitter to see who gets back to you first given the urgent nature of the situation. You should be able to recover the number at the end at least but there's never any guarantees of course.

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The number 1-844-232-7678 provided is koodo’s porting department who are the best suited to deal with illegal porting. Call them ASAP and work with them to stop the porting.

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@kevsell  The PIN on the account is there to protect you when calling in.  They will need that for authentication of the account. Ask the rep if there are alternative ways to authenticate your account. 

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The porting department starts work at 9am EST. Once the porting issue is resolved, ask them to apply port protection on your line.

I called the porting department last night and they’re resolving the issue (which I imagine will be done today as the call ended around 9 PM last night and most of the department was probably not working).