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simlock iphone 4

hi i have a problem. want to unlock your network. I live in Poland and unlock 260pln/66euro costs. if I can do it for free in Poland. My smartphone is iPhone 4

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Hey there, You could try out an unlocking website. Just google, "iPhone Canada unlock"
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These guys are good: http://www.cellunlocker.net/unlock-iphone-4s.php
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Ebay user daxgsm has unlocked several Koodo/Telus iPhones for me. The cost is 26 EUR.
No one provider free unlocking solutions for your iphone 4.So you have to go for paid unlocking service.If you need cheapest iphone 4 unlocking service try http://www.unlock-zone.com/apple-iphone-4/rs16wp9/ Here you can unlock your iphone 4 at low cost.