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Sim Only Plan? Can I go to Store for free unlocking with plan or do I have to call support?

Hi I want to check out this sim only plan, pretty much for the unlocking service. Can I go to a Koodo store or is this all done by phone support. Also I pretty much want to get my phone unlocked and canceled the account. My understanding is I just need pay for 1 month of service then? Or is there any other fees? And yes in my case paying for 1month of service is still cheaper then than the unlock fee for Rogers and I don't have to wait 1 more month till they unlock my lumia 1020....I also tried 3rd party unlockers and they all failed. I am guessing if my phone can't be unlocked then I can cancel the plan penalty free.

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I'd go to the store. Also, I've used cellunlocker.net to unlock several Rogers Lumia 1020s. It was US$15.
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Why wouldn't you keep the SIM only plan? Don't you pay more with Rogers anyways?
@Ivan I been trying that site for the last 2 months, but no luck @Chris I am actually with Wind(bought the cheapest smartphone I could find), I wanted there $39/month US promo plan. I got my lumia 1020 through a Microsoft developer program and it is locked to Rogers. Rogers won't unlock the phone till it hits 3 months on their network but at the same time I am not required to actually purchase a plan, it just has to be on the network for 3 months............ If I was actually on Rogers, then I would not care about unlocking unless I wanted to switch, but I would never go with rogers in the first place as they are too expensive.