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Signed up for new plan on last day of promo and koodo sent message saying cannot authorize

  • 10 October 2020
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I signed up for a $50 (9gb) plan on Sept. 30th for my daughter, before the promo expired.  The next day I received an email saying that it could not process the order due to needing to take extra precautions.  It asked that I go to a Koodo store, swallow the $40 in-store connection fee, and potentially no longer be eligible for the promo.  How is that fair?  I have amazing credit, and had just signed up for the same plan a week before for myself.  How does this happen?


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6 replies

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Sadly it has nothing to do with your credit, but my bet is that you got a second line too quickly after the first. Koodo is very cautious in those cases, to protect both themselves and the customers.

Yes it’s a hard pill to swallow but hopefully that explains it… it’s not you. It’s the system!

So how do you switch over your family?  As it is, I was willing to accept two different accounts for her and I, which is already strange.  My whole family was with Rogers and I was trying to switch some of us to less expensive plans.

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The only way in that case is to go to a store and sign up for an additional line in person… that way they can perform more checks apparently. But yes that costs $40 in activation fees and you more than iikely missed out on that awesome back to school deal...

But I ordered it in time!  How is that at all acceptable?  They tell you to order online to save $40 fee, but do not accept you if you have already ordered a new line with them.  So, what, I can move one line every three months???  How is that remotely normal?  They better honour the deal, as I put it through while it was still available.

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If you have proof of your order (i.e the email that you received the next day), I would definitely challenge Koodo at the store if they charge you the $40… especially if your order went through at the time.  Agree with you that it’s hardly fair to accept the order first and then reject it a day later - so you actually have some ammunition there. You could also send them a message through Facebook or Twitter and discuss the matter directly, since I/we are just customers like yourself and can only guess and give advise - but Koodo will be able to tell you definitively how and what.

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... had just signed up for the same plan a week before for myself. 

If you just recently signed up with Koodo, there was a restriction of 90 days before you could add another line online. If you would like to add another line within that 90 days, you had to visit a Kiosk or a retail.