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Should I become a Koodo customer?

I need a new phone but want to keep my #. I currently pay $26/month (with bell - no contract) no data (I use wifi). Do you have a similar plan?

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Here's a list of plans that Koodo offers presently: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html The closest plan Koodo would offer is the $29/month plan. Hope this helps. 🙂
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If you're a very light phone user and generally only text with WiFi, prepaid might even be a better option for you. The $15 base plan gives you Unlimited international messaging. Then you add a voice booster for talk. The nice thing about boosters is they don't expire as long as your base plan is kept topped up.
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I second that you should check out prepaid. If you do go post paid have a look at putting the data block on your phone when you activate. That way you don't accidentally use data resulting in an unexpected charge. A downside to prepaid is the phones can be more expensive, but have a look at what the total cost would be over two years.
The benefit to the $29 is the nationwide minutes. You can keep your number and remember 2 year contracts now which you can cancel at any time just pay off what is owing left on the phone itself.
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Based on your descriptions and your current plan with Bell, it might be best for you to become a Koodo Prepaid customer. There's all the information you need on the website when you click Plans > Prepaid.
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Justin Mattina wrote:


Is this in response to "Do you have a similar plan" or "Should I become a Koodo customer"?
The service itself is good but the customer service is beyond horrible
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Also, here is how to keep your number http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/moving-your-number-to-koodo-new/how-do-i-move-my-number-to-koodo
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the $50 plan and $5 Tab Medium plan maybe an option if your worried about data or phone m8nute overages