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My wife and I both are very light users on our phones, just talk and very little text, usually under 50 minutes a month for me and a little more for her. Being able to share one plan for both phones would very nice and more cost effective for us. I think Koodo should offer such a shared plan in Canada.

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This is just asking for too much, IMO. Share plans - each person having their own plan but combining the benefits of both plans to be shared - is what I agree on. Ideas need to have consideration for both the consumer and Koodo. This just benefits the consumer and Koodo would lose money. There is no situation where could would make money off this.
Actually for the amount I use the phone i have and the plan I pay for Koodo makes a good profit off my one phone each month, my monthly usage is less than 10% of allowed minutes.. I am just asking to be able to see away around justifying the cost of keeping Koodo as a service provider, as other cellphone companies that offer share plans will soon be expanding into our area.
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The thing is most of the share plans now offered in Canada have unlimited calling/texting and you share a data package. From what usage you're describing it wouldn't make sense to have a share plan. Unfortunately most people don't do a lot of calling on phones anymore which is why more and more plans are including large minute buckets or unlimited minutes. A share plan wouldn't really help in that regard either when you're such light users. Have you looked into Koodo prepaid? From what it's sounding it may make sense for you to use it. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml While I haven't used it myself and won't pretend to be an expert, you could do something like unlimited messaging ($15 a month) and buy a booster that doesn't expire (say 500 mins for 25). That would last you almost 10 months, and would cost you $15 a month until you ran out of those minutes. Would likely be cheaper in the long run.
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Jorden wrote:

The thing is most of the share plans now offered in Canada have unlimited calling/texting and you...

Gerald, this is very good advice from Jorden. Myself and other Mobile Masters use prepaid services from Koodo, and the value is hard to beat (depending on usage, of course). Voice and data boosters that roll over are the main selling point. Basically, you get to use them until they're entirely depleted. The only requirement is that your base plan remains active, and base plans start at $15/month. Try it out, and if you need assistance, come back here and post away 🙂