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I wonder would it be a good idea to have shared mobile plans with Koodo? I've seen many competitors that have this. I mean have different plans where multiple phones can share the data/minutes from the one monthly bill. You could have specified plans for this type of thing. For example, you could have a lightweight family plan which consists of the exact same thing as the current $33, $38, and $43 just put the price up more and have them shared. Say if I had the current $43 lightweight plan which consists of 750 minutes and 750MB of data. It could be offered for $60 with up to 2 phones or $74 with up to 3 mobile phones. If a family of 3 each wanted a cell phone and were going to use less than 200 minutes and 100MB of data each, right now, they would have to go with the current $28 plan. This adds up to be $84 a month. If there was a family plan, this family could go with the $75 plan (the one I mentioned above) and benefit from a $10 savings per month. They would also benefit from the extra minutes and data. I'm just throwing things out there. This could be adjusted.

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Generally speaking, shared plans are more likely to result in overage charges than savings. They sound good on paper, but what tends to happen is that the little miscalculations that cause people to underestimate how much of the plan they've used get multiplied by the number of people using the shared plan. It's been suggested before. I still don't think it's a great idea.
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And to build on that, its not even that its little miscalculations, its the fact that if your kid burns through the data watching youtube or Netflix, they leave nothing for anyone else. Personally I would rather have my own individual plan, and then I can monitor it and control it a lot better. And that way I don't have to worry about what other people are using for data, since they have their own data bucket.
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Anytime personal use gets separated from the bill at the end of the day, costs have a way of escalating. One nasty overage bill and many folks will be tempted to ramp up their base plan to something way too steep, so the following month a lot of unused minutes and data go out the window in the opposite direction. In certain circumstances, these plans can work if the costs are properly structured. Some US carriers offer pools with each additional phone just being charged $10 per month for being on the plan. Great for a phone that will have predictable use, such as an emergency phone for the car or a senior.