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Self Serve will not change rate plan

I am trying to change my sons rate plan to a better deal. The plan I want is $50 5gb with unlimited minutes and messages, but when I go to make the change by clicking "change my plan" it skips to another page where the plan is not visible anymore. So frustrating...especially where he needs the data for school during this pandemic…

Thanks in advance

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@Elaine McGrath Looks lime you have multiple lines and you were able to change one them to that plan a few days ago. Let us give you a call and help make the change to the other.  What’s the last 2 digits of the line we should try to reach you at?

Thank you so much! The last two digits of the line I'd like you to reach me at is 83

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It was a pleasure speaking with you Elaine! As requested, I would like to confirm that your plan was changed as of today :)