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Self-serve removal of data block doesn't work

  • 2 September 2020
  • 4 replies

I went into self-serve to remove the data block feature off of my wife’s phone, as we added data to her plan.  Two days later, data is still blocked, but the data block feature no longer appears on my plan.  I don’t do FB ot Twitter to PM Koodo.  Is there another way to contact them?

4 replies

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@Al_ The line ending with 74 indeed had data blocked removed. And it still has plenty of data left for month. Can you pls ask her to power cycle the phone and to make sure the setting on the phones don’t have data turned off? 

Hello, Bernard,

Thanks for the quick reply.  However, the # ending 74 never had it - it would be the number ending 85.  The phone has been power cycled several times over the last two days.


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@Al_ My apologies. Mixed up the numbers. And yes, I see it now...ok, so I removed as indeed for some reason when you tried it didn’t work. Can you pls confirm all is well when you have a moment? 

That did it - all fixed.  Thank you