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Selecting a new plan in Self Serve

  • 19 April 2015
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I know it is early with the changes, but? I went into self serve to change from the old $50 750/750 plan with ($45 with BYOD to the time limited $45 unlimited/1 gb plan. On the self serve page it comes "New plans are available when you upgrade your phone in store." Should I assume that this is just web site teething plans, or something else?

6 replies

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You are correct. You need to have your tab paid off before you can go on one of the new plans
I have no tab, as I am on Bring Your Own Phone". Still get the message as above. That is why going from the old plan to the new temporary plan looks so good.
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Ok looks like its some day 1 teething pains. If you want to switch right away you will need to call in. Just tell them you are unable to do it on self serve.
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Is it possible to keep a BYOD discount when switching to that new plan?
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Is it possible to keep a BYOD discount when switching to that new plan?Also if you dont have the 10% BYOD discount on your line beforehand, you can no longer get it even if you dont switch plans or upgrade your phone
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The new plans basically have the BYOD discount already built in to the plan cost. For example pre April 19 $35 plan is now $7 less per month and includes more data as an added bonus.